The Staff Of The Northern Ireland Fire And Rescue Service

So you want to work in the fire service? the NIFRS is an outstanding fire brigade that has been specially trained to deal with a wide variety of emergencies that may arise at any point in time. The fantastic concept of a fire service, which is engrained across the United Kingdom. Is the ability for members of the services to continue to learn from the very first day they arrive. Either as a trainee or from an associated fire service elsewhere.

The Northern Ireland Fire And Rescue Service has three training centres, one at Boucher Crescent in Belfast, another situated at Westland Road Belfast and lastly Northland Road in Derry. Each of these centres can fully train a fire man or woman in normal areas of expertise, as well as specialist areas such as Gas Chromatography.

Training and development on an ongoing basis is very important. While some sessions can be repeated and subjects revisited, the more a fire fighter knows how to react instantly in a situation with information always at hand, the more lives will be saved and their fellow fire fighters will also benefit from their quick thinking and the ability to always have safety in mind.

Though the fire service is not all about fighting fires. It is also involved in fire prevention also. While fires obviously get fought on the front line, there are a variety of positions and careers within the fire service that seek to stop fire from taking a hold in the first place.

These positions are known as Fire Safety Legislation Officers. As directed by the Northern Ireland government and council officials. Businesses and various public operating services like swimming pools are often visited to ensure maximum safety adherence. It is also vitally important that any premises which store dangerous chemicals or inflammable materials be inspected often. There are wider health implications from fumes should any one facility go up in flames, which would also have a detrimental effect on health of fire fighters, with or without breathing apparatus.

There are a variety of administration jobs within the fire service as well as the all important roll of being the person to answer one of the many thousands of emergency calls that the fire services receives through the command support centre each year. Ascertaining the vital pieces of information so as to ensure a rapid response and on the ground knowledge before arrival is just as important as the task of rescuing people from the fire and beating back the flames. Without either of these two, a fire would win and lives would be lost.